PAGID Backing Plate Design

PAGID use a patented system to ensure that the friction material does not de-laminate from the backing plate even at extreme operating temperatures.

The friction material is attached to the backing plate using two methods, adhesive bonding and mechanical retention. The patented mechanical retention is accomplished by special brass studs which are welded to the backing plate and inserted deep into the friction material through the under layer, these studs are produced from a special brass type material and will not damage the brake disc surface. The under layer assists with the adhesion of the friction material to the backing plate, and also helps as a thermal barrier. PAGID also use the under layer as a slightly compliant structure to improve pedal feel and aid control and modulation, it also reduces disc surface stress and cracking.

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PAGID Blue RS 4-2
Pagid Blue
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Pagid Black
RS 4-2-1

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