How To Turn Cookies On

To use our shopping cart system you will need to enable cookies on your browser. If you are unsure how to do this then this simple guide should help.

Screenshot of Browser

First of all you need to load the browser settings. The image above shows where to click. To do this go to the menu bar and click on 'Tools' (1) then from the menu that appears click 'Internet Options' (2).


Screenshot of Privacy Tab

After selecting Internet Options a box will appear, similar to the image above, click on the 'Privacy' tab (1) and then click on the button labeled 'Sites' (2).


Screenshot of Privacy Actions dialog box

A new box will appear similar to the one above, this box will let you add our web site to your list of 'Allowed Sites'.

Type the web site address ("" into the text box (1) and press the 'Allowed' button (2)

Once you are done you can press 'Ok' on the boxes and you should be able to successfully use the shopping cart system.


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