Guidance on PAGID Pad Installation

When installing Pagid Racing Brake Pads, we recommend you observe the following:

Cleaning Discs

It is always good practice to clean the surface off the disc to remove any previous pad deposits and contamination. This is best done by having the discs surface ground, if this is not possible clean the disc surface with a medium grade emery cloth. This will allow the new pad to achieve better contact with the grain off the disc surface. As many high performance friction materials impart a friction transfer layer on the disc surface, this should be cleaned away when new pads are fitted. This is especially the case when a change off compound is made.

Failure to clean the disc surface will result in reduced friction and reduced brake pad life.

Mounting New Pads On Used Discs

When fitting new pads to used discs care must be taken to file the top and bottom edges to 45° to allow pads to clear high ridges on disc radius. This will allow the pads to fully contact the disc surface. If the contact area is reduced, hot spots can occur and damage friction material reducing efficiency. If you are changing to Pagid RS pads from another manufacturer, please take care to remove all surface deposits from the disc. If this is not done, bedding in may prove difficult and reduce life and performance of the pads.

Brake Disc Conditioning (New Discs)

When fitting new discs care must be taken to heat cycle the disc by gradually introducing moderate temperatures into the disc before high temperatures are reached. The introduction of high temperatures into the brake disc too quickly can result in thermal shock causing cracking and disc distortion. Thermal shock can be reduced by also allowing the disc and pad combination to cool gradually after extreme use, and allowing the vehicle to come to a complete stop when the brakes are at extreme temperatures should be avoided. (Holding vehicle in the pit lane on the foot brake). Thermal shock can result from the level of thermal energy applied, or from the rate the heat is applied and removed. Try to keep the energy levels gradual by using warming up cycles and cooling down cycles where possible.

This practice will prolong the life of both pad and disc, improve overall brake performance and help to prevent failures.

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