'PAGID RS' Material Specifications

PAGID Racing Brake Pads are produced in nine different compounds. PAGID racing compounds are complex formulations with very high ceramic material content. The main difference in comparison to “Metallic compounds” is the superior thermal insulation and higher heat resistance.

PAGID Racing Brake pads are specifically developed for Motorsport use. However subject to the requirements of “Regulation 90” they may also be fitted to road cars (RS4-2-1 and RS4-2-2 in particular) where exceptional braking performance from high speed is required. This may be particularly relevant when driving in European countries with unrestricted roads.

PAGID Brake Pads - Temperator Operating Range

Friction vs Temperature

Pagid friction vs temperature graph

Most Popular

PAGID Blue RS 4-2
Pagid Blue
RS 4-2

PAGID Black RS 4-2-1
Pagid Black
RS 4-2-1

Pagid Orange
RS 4-4

Pagid Black