Pagid RS Materials

Carbon Based Brake Pads

PAGID  RS 4-2 Blue Brake Pads RS 4-2 Blue
Few brake friction compounds are as highly regarded as PAGID RS4-2 (known by many as 'PAGID Blue'). Originally developed in the late 1980's RS4-2 remains our biggest selling and most versatile friction compound.
PAGID RS4-2-1 Brake Pads RS4-2-1 Black
Designed as the ultimate user friendly road material to satisfy the demands of prestige sports car manufacturers such as Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati.
PAGID RS4-4 Orange Brake Pads RS4-4 Orange
A Carbon based friction material with a progressively increasing friction curve, giving it lower friction than RS4-2 below 300°c and higher friction above 300°c. It offers slightly less initial bite and low temperature response than RS4-2, but with the same high levels of controllability.

Ceramic Based Brake Pads

PAGID RS5 Blue RS-5 Blue
The latest development from the engineers at PAGID, the initial design criteria was for a material specific for F3. However initial feedback shows that this compound is a great all rounder.
PAGID RS-15 Black Brake Pads RS-14 Black
RS14 is our most popular ceramic based friction material. Compared to RS4-2 this compound offers a good increase in initial bite and average torque, it has very good modulation characteristics and offers good control against wheel lock at all temperatures.
PAGID RS-15 Grey Brake Pads RS-15 Grey
Combining the benefits of RS14 with approximately a 20% increase in average friction and torque, with even greater bite and braking ability. The increase in bite is often very useful on cars without servo assistance, for instance that are known to require high pedal forces to brake the car efficiently.
PAGID RS-19 Yellow Brake Pads RS-19 Yellow
This material provides very good levels of performance and response at all temperature levels, only slight temperature inputs are required to bring the pad up to its optimum performance level. A true favourite with endurance racers having won many classes at all major endurance events.
PAGID RS-29 Yellow Brake Pads RS-29 Yellow
With a very similar friction coefficient to RS19 with improvements in initial bite offering quicker response and slightly more temperature stable at the upper levels of the temperature range. Although designed primarily for endurance racing, because of the consistent levels of performance and user friendliness many competitors use this material successfully for sprint and short distance races also.

Material Comparisons & Specifications

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PAGID Blue RS 4-2
Pagid Blue
RS 4-2

PAGID Black RS 4-2-1
Pagid Black
RS 4-2-1

Pagid Orange
RS 4-4

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