PAGID RST Materials

Newly developed brake pads for sprint racing and rally

High average friction, aggressive instop behavior with instant pedal response and release ,
consistently firm pedal at all temperatures, fade resistant at highest disc temperatures .

RST 1:

High friction compound with very good initial bite and a progressive torque curve. Very fade resistant.
Suitable for applications with high downforce and / or very high grip.

RST 2:

Medium to high friction and fade resistant compound with a mild progressive torque curve and good pedal feel. Recommended for GT racing on tracks where higher temperatures are an issue.

RST 3:

Medium friction metal-ceramic type compound with good initial bite and still excellent modulation and release characteristics. Medium torque, fade resistant up to 800°C. Lowest heat conductivity in the RST range.

RST 4:

Medium friction, high heat tolerance with consistent repeatability. Also used for rear axle applications
FWD cars and on long oval racing where more aggressive materials would disturb the vehicle set up.

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