PAGID RS-15 Grey Brake Pads

PAGID RS-15 Gray Brake PadRS15 is a ceramic based formulation developed on the basis of RS14. Suitable for applications where very high levels of torque are required, or situations were very high disc temperatures are experienced.

RS15 combines the benefits of RS14 with approximately a 20% increase in average friction and torque, with even greater bite and braking ability. The increase in bite is often very useful on cars without servo assistance, for instance that are known to require high pedal forces to brake the car efficiently.

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RS15 also offers a very high level of cold bite, something that is uncommon with high friction level compounds. This can be beneficial in situations where adequate warm up periods are not possible, so this can be an advantage if you can utilize a higher friction level at a lower temperature range, an advantage at the start of a rally stage for instance.

Another plus with RS15 is the improvements made with the release characteristics of the material. This allows for much greater levels of control when coming off and going back on the brake pedal, allowing smoother modulation when the brake reacts more quickly to pressure changes made at the brake pedal.

The temperature limits of RS15 are greater than any other PAGID material, making disc temperatures of over 800°c possible to work with. RS15 is relatively easy on discs in comparison with other friction materials with such high levels of friction, but you will see a slight increase in disc wear over other PAGID compounds.

Friction Level

Cold 0.50 Pagid Brake Pads
At 100°C 0.57
At 300°C 0.54
Max at (@ 600°C) 0.62
Constant working temperature: 400 – 800°C
Max temperature for short period only: 900°C

Material Comparisons & Specifications

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