PAGID RS 4-2 Blue Brake Pads

PAGID RS 4-2 Blue Brake PadsFew brake friction compounds are as highly regarded as PAGID RS4-2 (known by many as 'PAGID Blue'). Originally developed in the late 1980's RS4-2 remains our biggest selling and most versatile friction compound.

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Technically, RS4-2 is a carbon based compound with a medium friction level. It has an excellent low temperature response, remains very stable over a wide temperature range, and can withstand constant temperatures up to 600°C. RS4-2 is a very user-friendly compound with excellent modulation and 'feel'. Drivers report excellent pedal-feel that gives confidence in extreme braking situations. With its optimum blend of performance characteristics RS4-2 is widely used across many forms of Motorsport from single seaters (Formula 3), through sports car racing (Britcar), to Group N rallying on gravel and wet tarmac surfaces.

Increasingly, it is the preferred choice of brake friction for competitors in both historic rallying and circuit racing. Subject to the requirement of Regulation EC90* it is also widely fitted as an upgrade material for road cars.

Lower Disc Wear Another significant advantage of RS4-2, in comparison to many competitor products, is its relatively low wear rate on the brake discs. Inferior pads may appear to work well for a short period, but the wear rate of the pads and the brake discs can be very high.

Over the course of a season the PAGID RS4-2 product will often show not only a performance advantage but may also save you £££'s when the replacement cost of pads and discs is calculated. PAGID RS4-2 is available in over 100 different pad shapes covering most of the popular racing calipers and many high performance road car applications.

Friction Levels

Cold 0.40 PAGID Brake Pads
At 100°C 0.42
At 300°C 0.43
Max (@ 550°C) 0.46
Constant working temperature: 350 – 600°C
Max temperature for short period only: 650°C

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