PAGID RS5 Blue Brake Pads

PAGID RS5 Blue Brake PadsNew for 2006 RS5 is the latest development from the engineers at PAGID, the initial design criteria was for a material specific for F3. However initial feedback shows that this compound is a great all rounder.

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RS5 is a ceramic based friction material with a medium level of friction and smooth strong initial bite giving instant response. RS5 offers the most consistent level of friction of all PAGID compounds, making it much easier to brake very hard and still having complete control over the braking event. This allows the ability to brake very late into the corner with confidence, we have seen 10 meters later than our major competitor’s product with no issue of wheel lock.

While still in prototype stage in mid 2005 test sets were issued to a major F3 team, with no prior testing the pads were installed into 2 cars, one of these cars qualified on pole for both races and took lights to flag victories.

This compound displays exceptional control, a higher average friction level than RS4-2 and an increased operating temperature and increased pad life at higher temperatures.

Currently only available in a limited number of pad shapes, but this will increase in the near future.

Friction Level

Cold 0.43 PAGID Brake Pads
At 100°C 0.45
At 300°C 0.46
Max at (@ 550°C) 0.48
Constant working temperature: 350 – 700°C
Max temperature for short period only: 800°C

Material Comparisons & Specifications

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